Pro Cup Cue Balls


Pro Cup Cue Balls

Pro Cup cue balls have six red dots on, so that the spin and movement of the cue ball can be more easily seen. These balls are now becoming more and more popular in tournaments.

Initially used in TV American pool tournaments so that viewers could see the spin on the ball they are also very useful as a training aid. The red dots enable you to see the spin on the ball and therefore help to learn playing with side, top-spin, screw and stun as well as allowing you to notice when you are imparting unintentional side spin on the ball which is a common problem for players of all levels.

S3307-PRO 2 1/4″ (57mm) Pro Cup Cue Ball

S3030-PRO 2 1/16″ (52.5mm) Pro Cup Cue Ball

S3347-PRO 1 7/8″ (47.5mm) Pro Cup Cue Ball


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