Peradon Cue Weights

Peradon Cue Weights


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Bumper-Weight 1610-3-on cue
Bumper Weight

Bumper Weight (1610)  

This superb little product allows you to add approx 1 ½ oz to the weight of your Peradon cue by simply screwing it into the butt joint of any Peradon cue.





Spacer Weight

Spacer Weight (1615)

For players who want to add a little length and weight to their cue this is the ideal product. The spacer weight simple screws inbetween the shaft and butt of a current Peradon cue adding both weight and length, and if that’s not enough you can insert more to make your cue even longer and heavier! Each spacer weight lengthens your cue by approx 3/4” and adds approx 3oz to the cue weight.


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