Aramith Tournament Champion 1G snooker balls

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Aramith Tournament Champion 1G snooker balls       Aramith

Aramith Tournament Champion 1G snooker balls. The snooker ball of choice by World Snooker. a complete full 22-ball set in 2 1/16″ (52.4mm) diameter for use on full size snooker tables. They are designed for professional players or amateurs that really want the best quality snooker balls available on the market.

Aramith Tournament Champion 1G snooker balls

undergo a level of tolerance never seen before with an Aramith ball set and have really put them at the pinnacle of the industry. The weight of each ball is matched within 1 gram (that is where the ‘1G’ element of the product name comes from), not the 3 grams of the normal Tournament Champion set.
The Aramith Tournament Champion 1G snooker balls are also supplied in a World Snooker endorsed aluminium flight case to help keep them in pristine condition.
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Belgian Aramith Billiard and snooker balls have a legendary reputation for outstanding endurance and un compromised quality, and are recognised as the reference mark for the snooker ball industry. Used by 80% of cue sport players worldwide, they are made to exacting standards and tolerances, creating the perfect ball every time.

Why Aramith billiard balls make the difference !

The Aramith ball sets are the reference, used in virtually all events and tournaments worldwide, whether in poolsnookercarom or other disciplines.

1. Optimal rebound

The unique molecular structure and elasticity of the Aramith resin assure optimal rebound for a perfect control of every shot and reduce more than others the risk for kicks.

2. The ultimate in balance

The perfect homogeneity of the material in the plain as well as in the numbered part of the ball guarantees perfectly true and accurate roll.

3. Very strong & scratch resistant

Withstands over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than other balls. Holds its high gloss polish longer than any other ball.

4. Less marks on cloth and balls

Resists at the instant friction temperature of 482°F/ 250°C when the ball slips into motion. No abrasion or flat spots on the ball that accumulate dirt and wear the cloth !

5. Extra long life

Easily maintained with the Aramith ball cleaner, the Aramith balls will last up to five times longer than any other ball (UP TO 40 YEARS in case of home use).

6. Worldwide endorsement

Pratically all billiards tournaments worldwide exclusively use Aramith balls, and every day, an estimated 3 to 4 million professional and amateur players play with Aramith.

Used by over 85% of players worldwide…

Aramith, the signature of true Belgian Made Quality

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