Premium Cues ICON

Image of Premium Cues ICON Logo
Our Premium Cues ICON range is simply the best of the best.

Having our own brand of cue has been a dream of ours for years, so after investing a lot of time and money we have brought the idea of the 'ICON' to life. Created using our over 40 years of experience in both playing snooker and selling cues, we have gathered the knowledge of knowing exactly what goes into an amazing playing cue, to create a range of truly iconic cues limited to only 12 per year.

Manufactured to the highest possible standard each part of the cue is handpicked by ourselves from each cues specifications, to the original blank shaft with a real focus on playability and very clean/straight visual grain patterns, to any additional splices added to the cues.

Finally once meeting our ultra high standards the cue is then finished with the very noticable Red ICON badge, only then can each buyer rest assured that not only are they buying the top of the range cue but they really are investing in the best possible cue money can buy.

Each Premium Cues ICON is sold with their individual authenticity card.