Peradon Clubman One Piece Cue Case


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The Peradon Clubman one piece cue case is an attractive and robust case made of solid wood construction with a black leather look covering and attractive embroidery offers superb value for money.

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Peradon Clubman One Piece Cue Case

Welcome to a world of style, luxury, and protection with the Peradon Clubman One Piece Cue Case. Designed to accommodate the needs of any cue enthusiast, this case is the epitome of elegance, security, and functionality.

With a robust exterior shell encased in quality leatherette, the Clubman One Piece Cue Case is crafted to withstand the test of time. Its plush, cushioned interior is tailored to keep your cues safe from scratches, dents, and other potential damage, offering peace of mind whether you're on the move or storing your equipment.

Flexibility is at the heart of this case. It effortlessly houses either two one-piece cues or one cue along with its screw-on extensions, catering to the varying needs of snooker and pool players. An additional compartment for chalk, tips, and other accessories ensures everything you need is always within reach.

Secure fastenings ensure your cues and extensions remain snugly fit within the case, keeping them protected even during turbulent travels. And it's not just about practicality - the sleek exterior, combined with its versatile interior, makes the Clubman One Piece Cue Case a stylish addition to any player's gear.

Make the Peradon Clubman One Piece Cue Case your next purchase and experience a blend of durability, style, and convenience that’s designed for the modern player. Elevate your game and protect your passion with Premium Cues.

Peradon Clubman One Piece Cue Case Specifications

Interior Length: 61″ (155cm)

Exterior Dimensions: 62″ (158cm) x 2 3/4″ (7.5cm) x 2″ (5cm)

Construction: Covered solid wood construction

Exterior Material: Black leather look

Interior Material: Mock sued