Taom Pyro Chalk


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Taom Pyro Chalk in Blue or Pink

A chalk optimised for all Cue Sports. This chalk uses a new technology developed for heavier balls, with many pros saying that using this chalk they now enjoy ‘kick free’ games with no bad contacts. Developed to deliver maximum grip with without leaving any residue.

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Taom Pyro Chalk

Discover a new level of precision and control in snooker and pool with Taom Pyro Chalk. This game-enhancing accessory, born from comprehensive scientific research, provides superior adherence and friction. It ensures remarkable cue ball control and significantly reduces miscues, while its unique formula decreases chalk dust, helping to keep your cue and table immaculate.

Offering choice and style to players, Taom Pyro Chalk is available in two vibrant colours – blue and pink. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a recreational player, this chalk guarantees consistent shot results, transforming your gameplay.

Adopt Taom Pyro Chalk for your snooker and pool cues and witness firsthand the significant boost in your performance. Make every shot count with Taom Pyro Chalk.