Kamui Roku Cue Chalk


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Kamui Roku Cue Chalk by Kamui
Developed by respected chalk makers Kamui in Japan this close packed, premium quality chalk has been created to perform over a wide variety of shot strengths.

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Kamui Roku Cue Chalk

Developed by respected chalk makers Kamui in Japan this close packed, premium quality chalk has been created to perform over a wide variety of shot strengths.


In order to achieve the best performance, we focused on the contact point between the player and the cue ball, and while developing the tap, we could not ignore the existence of another important element, the chalk, that exists between the tap and the cue ball. It was the beginning of the chalk project that it was gone.

In order to maximize the performance of the KAMUI tap, it must have the same level of chalk performance or better, and while experimenting with all kinds of materials and manufacturing methods on a daily basis, I realized that "shaving off", which is also KAMUI's stance, is necessary. I was.

It is the highest quality that balances the main performance required for chalk, grip power, glue, and robustness with a minimum of elements. The concept of "closest packing" was the key to realizing them. And the finished product should be released in a hexagonal shape that symbolizes it. These were the main points of the underlying project from that time.

And after a long period of improvement since the release of 0.98 and 1.21, a level of chalk that meets the target standards has been completed. From the development concept, we named it "ROKU".

chalk 2018
chalk 2012
chalk 2011


ROKU concept


To the limit of perfect balance at the minimum.

The more advanced the play, the more difficult it is to reduce the error between the image and the actual play. The concept of "closest packing" is the key to achieving the grip, glue, and robustness required for high-performance chalk.

ROKU, completed by pursuing the limit of minimum elements and particle blend balance, resonates with the KAMUI tap and succeeds in controlling your shots with higher precision.

Main features

grip strength


grip strength

By fine-tuning the particle formulation, we have achieved an extension of the critical breaking point. This tuning maximizes the performance of the KAMUI Tap.




Due to the unique ingredients, it is easy to get entangled on the surface of the tap, and by creating a thin film without excessive application, we have achieved accuracy of glue.




Sufficiently degassed and achieved high density to increase robustness. Along with that, it has the advantage of being easy to apply due to its heavy feel and being hard to wear off.


KAMUI chalk performance 1


Larger Sweet Spot

By miniaturizing the chalk particles, the grip force is improved and the limit point of contact is expanded.

KAMUI chalk performance2


More Accurate Aim

The amount of spin in the lateral direction is increased by improving the grip force, and the drop is reduced.


– Thorsten Hohmann –

― How did you feel when you used ROKU for the first time? Also, how do you feel after using ROKU for a while?

I haven't used any other chalk since I received a prototype during my visit to Japan in November 2017. This is because I am convinced that ROKU is an innovative chalk that has never existed before.

― Did you feel the difference between ROKU and KAMUI chalk or other chalks? Also, how was it different?

When I applied it on the tap, it felt rough, and compared to KAMUI 0.98, which I usually used, I didn't feel that it was sticky or soft.

― Were there any technical or mental benefits to using ROKU?

I can't speak for every chalk on the market, but the KAMUI 0.98 and ROKU feel like they have a better grip on the cue ball than any chalk I've used. If I made a mistake, it was due to lack of skill or poor maintenance of the tap. You can safely put more spin on your cue ball without worrying about miscues. It's difficult to play in a stable mental state because I sometimes miss when I play with common chalk, but as I became able to trust and rely on ROKU, I became mentally superior.

― In what specific situations did you become more confident?

Michael Vollmer (Vollmer Cues) and I have made long-term observations about dirt on ROKU shafts. KAMUI Chalk 0.98 sticks to the shaft and makes it dirty, but ROKU has improved in that area and does not dirty the shaft.

― Lastly, please comment on ROKU.

I started using it in November 2017, but as of August 2018, I still have plenty left.
ROKU feels a little softer than regular chalk, but it doesn't wear off easily and can be used for a very long time.


S2325-BLU Individual Piece of Blue Roku Chalk