Premium Cues 8 Ball Pool Cues

Premium Cues Handmade 8 Ball Pool Cue Collection.
The Apex, The Granite, The Ignite, The Evolve and The AspirePremium Pool Cues 8 Ball Pool Cue Collection

We are delighted to announce that we have launched our own range of English 8 Ball pool cues.

All our cues are handmade using top quality woods, with both 1 piece and 3/4 Jointed options available, along with a multitude of designs we're sure we'll be able to find you the perfect cue.

Ranging from 55" to 57" with a tip size between 8mm - 8.5mm these cues have been specifically designed to help improve your English 8 Ball Pool skills.

Unlike other manufacturers we use longer 19" ebony splices with additional 10" decorative splices in our cues to give the consumer the best quality we can offer. Our 3/4 cues are also jointed slightly lower than standard at 12" from the butt of the cue, to give a longer shaft feel to the shot and better balance, whilst not compromising on the convenience of carrying a 3/4 cue around.

We urge anyone interested to try these cues and see for yourself just how good a Premium Cues 8 Ball Pool Cue really is.